We are a Christian school and are deeply interested in the spiritual development of your child. We teach Christian principles through the everyday experiences of the student. We have a Christian curriculum filled with academic rigor and hands on experiences. Students contact God’s love on our campus through our distinctively qualified teachers. Students are regularly immersed in the word through chapel experiences, bible instruction, and daily prayer. Students leave LHA prepared to compete in a global economy and change the world.

LHA Student Learner Outcomes – LIGHT

L - learners in a rigorous environment

  • Students will engage in a challenging academic environment appropriate for their level of development.
  • Students will engage in hands on instruction with a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).
  • Students will set goals and take ownership of their own learning.

i - intelligent communicators

  • Students will collaborate with peers to complete academic tasks.
  • Students will communicate verbally and in writing in an intelligent manner.
  • Students will communicate via technology in a safe, respectful, and responsible manner.
  • Students will construct clear and coherent arguments.
  • Students will cooperate with teachers to support a positive and effective learning experience.

g - growing socially

  • Students will advocate for themselves and others.
  • Students will demonstrate developmentally appropriate social and emotional skills.
  • Students will establish healthy peer relationships and articulate tenets of those relationships.
  • Students will resolve conflicts in a healthy manner.

h - holding christian values

  • Students will have a strong biblical foundation.
  • Students will articulate that the holy bible teaches God as the single creator of the universe.
  • Students will identify ways to build and sustain a relationship with God.
  • Students will articulate that Jesus Christ died and rose again to demonstrate victory over sin and death.
  • Students will understand and articulate ways in which the Fruit of the spirit impacts the lives of Christians.
  • Students will formulate well-reasoned judgements and decisions.

T - thinking critically

  • Students will analyze and evaluate arguments, claims, inferences, and explanations.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to judge the relevance and significance of information.
  • Students will support conclusions with facts.
  • Students will communicate decisions and explain the process by which those decisions were made.
  • Students will engage in critical media literacy instruction.

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